Heart Ego

Current Shows

Francisco Larios: Parque Lezama. Más allá del Sendero

Francisco Larios presents two series, Coral Island and Khloris. Apparently distant from each other in terms of technique, composition, format, and discourse, when in the background, they intercede, since both explore the ravages of determined human behavior by instinct.


Mariana seeks to create the universe in which she would like to live. At the same time, with her work she attempts to materialize the physical and emotional cycle of human life: birth, death and reintegration into the universe.

Past Shows

Oswaldo Ruiz: Los Objetos y Las Sustancias

Los objetos y las sustancias is an exhibition featuring two recent projects by Oswaldo Ruiz in which the artist explores different forms of damage and symbolization: the projects Materia Mnémica (2018), curated by Josefa Ortega, and Todo lo sólido (2019 – Present), realized in collaboration with Ariadna Ramonetti.

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In the current edition of In Close Proximity, Monterrey-based artist Rafael Bustamante (Guanajuato, 1993) invites visitors to participate in the experimentum crucis of the psychological color theory and test the capacity of colors and their hues to reflect, overflow, or confront the emotional seascape within us.

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